The Proclamation of the Latvian State and the War of Independence.1918-1920



The end of the First World War created favorable conditions for Latvia’s independence, and Latvians used this opportunity. On November 18, 1918, the Republic of Latvia was proclaimed, and the Provisional Government of Latvia was set up the next day. However, the idea of an independent and democratic country had many adversaries – the Bolsheviks in the neighborhood, the German army and its local supporters, as well as monarchists who wanted to rebuild the Russian empire. The Republic of Latvia was forced to fight for opportunity to survive in a war that we now call the War of Independence.

The Latvian Army was born during the War of Independence. Initially, the Provisional Government of Latvia was supported by couple of hundred armed men, but it managed to persuade the public that the Latvian state was worthy to defense, and in different places in Latvia, military units were gradually formed and united into the Latvian Army on July 10, 1919.

There were many moments in the War of independence when the destiny of the Republic of Latvia hung by a hair, but nation managed to defend and protect its independence. Therefore, the War of Independence in spite of many difficulties and sacrifices, is also the golden hour of Latvia – the time of heroism and victory.  

Exposition of the Latvian War Museum “The Proclamation of the Latvian State and the War of Independence. 1918-1920” is the museum's most important national centenary project. The new exposition will be the largest, with historical testimonies filled story about the Latvian War of Independence.




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