Defense of Latvian state 1920-1940



Exposition “Defense of Latvian state 1920-1940” tells about the Latvian national security system that emerged after the end of the Latvian War of Independence, when the peace treaty with Soviet Russia was signed on 11. august, 1920.

The exposition reflects the development and structure of the Latvian army, the everyday life and training of soldiers, opportunities for military education as well as the activities of various military social organizations until the soviet occupation of Latvia in June of 1940.

In this exposition visitors have the opportunity to view Latvian army uniforms and weapons, military and civil awards of Latvian state, the ship`s bell of the first Latvian Navy flagship “Virsaitis”, Latvian Army unit’s chest badge collection, model of the one of Latvian Navy’s submarines and much more...


20, Smilsu Street, (Pulvertornis)
Riga, LV-1050

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